In order to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and show our ability to meet their needs, Greenpack became ISO 9001 certified in May 2005.

Greenpack is fully equipped to meet a wide range of requirements for the manufacture of water-soluble bags and sachets. We have various types of machines and can manufacture either “Pillow Type” bags or 3-side seal bags. The combinations range from 20 mm – 190 mm wide and 20 mm – 350 mm long:

Bags with 3-side seals :
- Width including seals: 30 mm to 75 mm
- Length including seals: 20 mm to 150 mm
Pillow bags:
- Width: 55 mm to 190 mm
- Length: 40 mm to 350 mm

The weight of the product that can be packed is from 0.6 grams up to 2 kg, depending on the density of the product.

We can also print the sachets or bags in-line on our machines with water-soluble ink by using our Easyprint System.

If needed, we also manufacture empty bags leaving one side open (not sealed) so the customer can manually fill the bags. This is particularly useful for applications with very small quantities to be filled.

We also form tubes and sheaths out of film. The widths currently available are 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 110 mm and 190 mm.


We can package a wide range of products in water-soluble film. The typical forms of products that we package include :
- Powders (both free-flowing and blocky powders)
- Granulated powders
- Liquids and gels. Note: Should not contain more than 6 to 7% of water.

Some of the popular applications include :
- Laundry & General Detergents
- Disinfectants, Surodorants
- Water treatment systems, Septic tank sanitizers, Grease vat cleaners
- Bactericides
- Concrete additives
- Super absorbents
- Pesticides for the garden
- Agrochemicals
- Products for swimming pools and home spas


Any product that is added to water can potentially be packaged in water-soluble film. Testing the compatibility of the product with film is a critical first step to ensure no adverse reactions between the product and the film. Greenpack can assist with this testing by working with our film supplier or by working with the customer with their in-house testing. Storage testing is usually recommended to make sure the film remains pliant and water-soluble following prolonged storage. Several grades of film will be trialed to find the most compatible formulation for the application.

We will guide you through each step of your project according to your criteria:
- The choice of water-soluble film :
       Compatibility Testing :
           ο At your facility
           ο With our film supplier
           ο Through database research

- Packaging trials :
       Define the optimum dimensions of the sachets
       Define the optimize packaging conditions
       Produce samples for marketing and basis tests

- In-line Printing of the bag
       With water soluble ink
       Edible ink
       1 colour

- Considerations for the design of the outer packaging
       The secondary package must be adapted best to water soluble bags,
       Must protect against moisture
- Packing of your product, according to your criterias.

   We package a variety of products for applications such as:

 Laundry and general, detergents
 Disinfectants, Sanitizers and deodorizers
 Enzymatic septic system treatments
 Bactericides, biocides
 Concrete additives
 Super absorbents
 Pesticides for the garden
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Greenpack vous propose le conditionnement à façon sous film hydrosoluble, film soluble dans l’eau, pour des applications telles que la lessive et détergence, le traitement des eaux, les adjuvants bétons, les produits absorbants, les bactéricides, les produits phytosanitaires. ..